Patric Carroll Williams - Playwright

Patric Carroll Williams

What is your heritage (whatever that means to you)?

I am a descendant of the Kiowa and Osage people, and I also have African American and Italian American heritage.

Where will you be watching the play from?

I’ll be watching from my parents’ home in LA.

Is this your first time at Native Voices?

This is my second time at Native Voices. My play “The Tamale Man” was featured in the 2018 Short Play Festival.

What compels you to write?

I am compelled to write as a way of exploring and amplifying underrepresented facets of our history and culture, and uplifting marginalized stories that I feel speak to my own identities as a queer, mixed-race person living in America.

Do your characters have lives outside of the slice you are showing here?

I don’t know yet. A lot of my characters have a funny way of meeting me again in other things I write, so there may well be more to these sisters’ stories.

How does listening to a stage reading of your play help?

It’s sort of like buying clothes online versus trying them on yourself. As a playwright, you can approximate how your words will transform when they’re performed, but it isn’t until they’re given life by actors that you actually see your work as it’s meant to be presented. Then, it is much easier to know where things need to be hemmed or taken in to create your intended vision.

 Where can people find you on Social Media?

You can find me on Twitter @patriccarrollwv or on Instagram @pat.the.carroll if you’re interested in my political ramblings, silly memes, and photos of what I’ve been baking.