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"Breath-taking ... Sound and music are integrated flawlessly ... Wonderfully realized ... Moments of true genius! ... Harjo is a marvel, and her voice is beautiful! ... A grammy award-winning musician with a poetic Indian story - what a combination!"
These are just a few of the responses theatre-goers wrote to us after seeing 'Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light' during its opening weekend at the Autry. If you're one of the almost 500 people who watched Joy Harjo and Larry Mitchell during the play's first week, you already know what many others will soon learn- 'Wings' is now aloft, flying high on the praises being sung both by theatre-goers and critics alike!
From now until Sunday, March 29th, Joy Harjo's unique and deeply personal blend of performance, poetry, singing, and virtuoso sax come together to weave a spell on audiences. Reserve your seats today. Tickets are $20 for general admission, with a special $12 rate for Autry members and group sales.
For a limited time only, a select number of discount tickets are available for members of Goldstar and LA Stage Alliance; theater-goers can also take advantage of two pay-what-you-can performances, on Thursday, March 19th at 8pm, and Thursday, March 26th at 8pm (for individual ticket buyers only).
-- r. deely

And here's what our critics had to say! Click on the links to access the full articles.

Los Angeles Times
Her painful journey from a traumatic childhood to serenity and acceptance is well-charted, an inspirational odyssey that makes "Wings" take flight.
-- F. Kathleen Foley

Los Angeles WeeklyNative American poet and musician Joy Harjo is a woman who communes with spirits, and in this music-embellished piece, she opines about struggle, survival and transcendence in a powerful and eloquent voice.
-- Deborah

IndyBay Review
Harjo takes her audience on a journey that begins and ends with healing. If the essence of ceremony can be put on stage, she has done it.
-- Corina Roberts


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