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Check out the comments someone left on Time Out London:

I was blown away by "Salvage". In fact, I've been blown away by all the plays in Origins! It's such a privilege to get an insight into the lives of people in cultures very different from our own. The most amazing thing about "Salvage" is that you keep being reminded that the play is set today - there are two young boys who live on the internet - but at the same time there's this incredible sense of the spiritual tradition in the character of the father, who is played by an amazing actor called Robert Greygrass. It's as if the characters are living in two worlds at the same time. You've just got to see it!

I've been loving this Festival. From the moment the Maori started to sing at the Scoop on Bank Holiday Monday, I knew we were in for something special. Strange Resting Places was an amazing play, and I also really loved the film Tkaronto. There are two plays running this week at Riverside Studios - Salvage and Windmill Baby - and they are both really brilliant, in very different ways! They've also got the famous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin here: her film Kanehsatake is at the British Museum on Thursday, and she's speaking at Riverside on Friday. There's so much in this programme! (And, by the way, the programme book is brilliant too!)

Thanks so much for your comments Nisha! I wish I was there!


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