"...life is a play...unrehearsed..."

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We made it! After a few parking tickets, a canceled flight, a misunderstanding with the Conference Center, a derailed train, some confusion about the schedule, I'm proud to say our Playwrights Retreat and Festival of New Plays is now underway at San Diego State University! This morning, Arigon, Randy, Tony, and Crystal enjoyed a fantastic rehearsal for Red Road. Pam, Joan, Jonathan, and I were able to set up the Green Room (which is stocked with crafts by Joan), the Experimental Theatre (our main space for the day), and the Don Powell stage where we'll be having our Mexican dinner this evening. Actually, Catering Services is in the Powell right now setting up our food which we should be enjoying in about an hour.

We had a great read through of Carbon Black and are currently in the midst of reading a brand new draft of Fancy Dancer. After dinner we'll spend some time with the ladies of Frybread Queen.

Despite some hiccups, we've actually been able to stay on schedule which is an accomplishment in itself! I've asked everyone to adopt my new attitude inspired by one of my favorite quotes, "Life is a play...unrehearsed." Meaning, you can plan and plan and plan for everything in life but when it comes down to it, you're just going to have to embrace the fact that the only thing constant is change and learn how to roll with the punches.

So, despite being hungry, I think everyone here's happy and ready to work. We're all very excited about our three new plays as well as The Red Road and Different Doesn't Mean the Same.

Jeannie's out sick with pnemonia. We all miss her very dearly and although it doesn't feel the same without her, we know it's best for her to stay in bed. We're hoping she'll be able to join us tomorrow.

So check back often for more updates and profiles of our participants! Feel free to send me questions if you've got 'em! If you've always wondered what Randy's favorite color is, this may be a good time to ask. ;-D

Till tomorrow!


Crystal said...

The TYA people got here, and now I'm all giddy!

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