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... and say hello to our new Literary Assistant, Pamela Sevilla!

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I introduce you to the newest addition to our Native Voices' family, Miss Pamela Sevilla. Actually, Pam isn't a stranger to Native Voices: she's stage managed two of our playwrights retreats in San Diego and has been instrumental in the success of both of those events. Her tenacity, inexplicable attention to detail, and overall awesomeness make her an ideal collaborator and I couldn't be more delighted to have her on board. As Literary Assistant, Pam's main duties will be to provide coverage on a majority of the submissions we receive as well as to help coordinate next year's retreat (which, believe it or not, we're in the process of doing as we speak).

In addition, Pam is also serving as the Assistant Director and Website Manager for our production of Carbon Black. She has been working diligently alongside director Randy Reinholz making sure everything's in place for our first day of rehearsal, which is a week from today. For the inside scoop on all things "inky," check out Pam's website for the production. There you'll find info on all our actors, our production team, and you can even sign up to receive updates from the rehearsal room!

Of course, we've got a lot more surprises in store for Miss Sevilla so be sure to keep your eyes out for her because you'll be seeing her a lot! Welcome to the family Pam! We're glad to have ya!

For more info on Pam, please visit our previous blog post: "my backbone"


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