Prepping the Queen for Her Garden City Debut

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From the City of Angels to the Garden City of Missoula, Montana, The Frybread Queen is well on her way to a fantastic opening at the U of M. Before I take a week off from the blog-o-sphere, I wanted to acknowledge the team that's getting our queen ready for her grand debut.
Production Staff
Director: Jere Hodgin
Dramaturg: Robert Caisley
Costume Designer: Laura Alvarez
Lighting Designer: Mark Dean
Scenic Designer: Johanna Josephian
Sound Designer: Jayson Ferguson
Stage Manager: Deb Voss

Annalee Walker Hayne: Arigon Starr
Carlisle Emmanuel Burns: Lily Gladstone
Lily Savannah Santiago Burns: Tiffany Meiwald
Jessie Burns: Jane Lind

For those lucky enough to be in the area, the show opens on September 17th and runs until the 26th. For more information please visit

And a special thanks to Carolyn Dunn and John Kenneth DeBoer (Assistant Professor of Acting/ Directing at the University of Montana) for their help in obtaining the info above and the images below.


Jean said...

Headed up there soon! Can't wait to catch up with everyone and to see the show!

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