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In this booming age of digital technology when the answer to anything and everything is at your fingertips, it can become a bit daunting to know where the definitive answer lies. Nowadays, companies have multiple websites for multiple purposes and, when one only needs a single answer, searching through all those sites can be a bit frustrating. Since Native Voices is one of those many companies, I thought it'd be a good idea to break down our web presence for you in an attempt to reduce our digital divide.
Obviously, we have a blog, as most companies do. Ours is managed by myself, Carlenne Lacosta, Native Voices Director of New Play Development and Production. Since I am not part of a marketing team or specifically assigned to productions, my blog posts will have a different perspective from those  that are managed by marketing personnel and the like. As I've mentioned in the past, my goal for this blog is to expose our processes and to become a forum for what artists and audience members want to see and/ or read about. If you have a question, please feel free to post it. If you have a suggestion, please send it in. If you're uncomfortable with publicly posting on the blog itself, you can always make your posts anonymous or you can email me directly. On this site, you'll find our newly titled section "Links and Resources," which is a listing of opportunities you may find of interest, as well as an "About Us" page which is pretty self-explanatory. When we have events you can purchase tickets to (such as our Equity productions), our home page will include a section dedicated to our Box Office. But generally, this blog is used to explore topics related to new play development.
Whereas our blog features weekly posts, our Facebook page, which is managed by Native Voices Production Coordinator Caroline Chang, contains almost daily updates. If you mosey on over there right now, you'll see that we are seeking an Equity Stage Manager for our upcoming production of The Frybread Queen and if you scroll down a bit you'll see that The Public Theater is hosting an in-house workshop of Joy Harjo's Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light this weekend. Check out our Events page to see what our upcoming shows are and flip through our photos to see what you've missed if you've been unable to join us in Los Angeles. Of course, you can also find our contact information on there as well as copies of our blog entries for those unable to access this page through traditional means. Facebook contains the most up-to-date information on Native Voices and it's monitored pretty closely so I would bookmark this page as the best way to gain our most current information.

Our Twitter account is managed by our long-time friend and frequent Production Assistant Jennifer Bobiwash (or @bobiwash).

At this moment, you can view a link to an article about Thanksgiving meals that were delivered to residents of the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock reservations; or a link to a blog post about human remains that were found at Oxford Alabama Stone Mound. On Fridays, you'll see Native Voices staff members posting their #viewatthemoment; since we all work from different areas, we thought it'd be interesting to see what our different work spaces look like. In September, Native Voices Executive Director Jean Bruce Scott shared her views of Missoula, Montana, her work space during the co-production of Frybread Queen and we can be sure to see views of snowy New York as both Jean and Native Voices Artistic Director Randy Reinholz will be there this weekend for the aforementioned Wings workshop. Twitter is a place where we can actively engage with our followers and disseminate information related to Native issues with a touch of a button.

Yes, we still have a Myspace account and it is chock-full of useful information. Not only will you see a listing of all the plays we've developed and produced since being in residence at the Autry, but you can view Visible Film Production's mini-documentary on our Young Native Voices project, "Our Voices, Our Stories" and peruse through a ton of pictures from our numerous events. Although our Myspace page isn't maintained as regularly as our other social networks, it undoubtedly contains the most comprehensive history of the company. Those interested in the company's past should definitely make this site one of their first stops.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Autry website. As implied by the image to the left, we are currently in the process of revamping our site - adding more pages, providing more content, etc - in order to make it your one-stop source for everything Native Voices. Because this overhaul is such an important project, it's hard to tell when "construction" will be complete but you can be sure that you, our blog readers, will be among the first to know. For now, you can visit the site to gain a brief history of the company as well as obtain ample descriptions of our different events.

And that's your cheat sheet to finding Native Voices on the web. If there's anything I've missed, something you'd like to know more about, please feel free to let me know. Social media is nothing without the interaction of our audience members so your views and opinions are not only welcome but essential.

Till next week!

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