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About a year and a half ago Shaun Taylor-Corbett hand delivered a version of the book and music for Distant Thunder to The Autry. Excited and trepidatious all at the same time to look over a Native American musical, I immediately popped the cd into the computer to just take a peek at what this new team of writers and composers had submitted.  I quickly fell in love with the music and am excited to see the result of all of the hard work writing (and mother and son) team Lynne Taylor-Corbett and Shaun have done this past week at the Playwrights Retreat.  It has been a daunting task working with a cast of 15 people who help to tell the story of Darrell Waters, a half-Native-half white attorney raised in Chicago, who returns to his tribe only to find himself in the midst a tribal crisis. The story is multi-generational, funny, dramatic, and spiritual.  Scroll down to learn more about the extensive cast and crew of Distant Thunder and witness all of their acting and singing talents this Saturday, June 2nd @ 7:30 p.m. for the staged reading!

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Remember the 2010 hit play ?

So do we!  Well three of the ladies are back in town and this time they're not just acting, but also Co-playwrights of their new play The Hummingbirds. This innovative new play is an interactive, multimedia experience in storytelling, which involves the audience through layers of social media.  (Yes, that means the audience will get to take out their cell phones. In a theatre.  During a show.  In fact, the ladies will insist on it.)  The story follows Kat, Willow, and Adosha (performed by our Frybread Queens), three Indigenous sisters from Santa Fe who work various jobs during the day and play the local music circuit at night.  After they enter a competition for a major recording deal, the girls are launched into an all-out race for fame and fortune that forces them to walk the precarious tightrope between art and commerce, social networking and exhibitionism, family and band.  During the performance the audience will get to submit questions, comments, and photos via Twitter and Facebook, turning the Internet into a stage as well, where the actresses will respond and improv as the play progresses.

You don't want to miss this during the Festival of New Plays! Friday, June 3rd @ 7:30 p.m. and stay after for a lively talkback with our team below!  Make your reservations soon!
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Spotlight on THE BIRD HOUSE

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It's that time of year again!  This week we will kick off another Playwrights Retreat, where we will be workshopping three plays and getting them ready for staged public readings at the 14th Festival of New Plays.  Here's a spotlight on the creative team for one of the plays: The Bird House by Diane Glancy (Cherokee).  Now you may be familiar with this one, as we first featured it at last year's Festival.  Since then the play has gone through many changes, most notably the addition of two new characters.  Though, at the core, the play still tells the dramatic story of an evangelical preacher and his timid sisters as they sort through the snarls of their past and face an uncertain future.  Scroll down and you'll see some familiar faces, including Native Voices Artistic Director as the actor playing Reverend Hawk, for whom the role was written for.  As well as the writer and performer of the latest Native Voices Equity productions of Walking on Turtle Island and Ghostlands of an Urban NDN, Robert Owens-Greygrass.  And Native Voices veterans Carla-Rae and Ellen Dostal reprise their roles in this reading as well, playing sisters forced to move into a fledgling church.

Don't forget to catch the staged reading on Saturday, June 2nd @ 2:00 p.m. and stay after for a riveting talkback with Diane and the rest of the team!  Make your reservations soon!

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