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boarding school stories
This was actually my second time working on 'Stories from the Indian Boarding School'. My first go-around was during the Fringe Festival. We were a cast of 7, and I played the character 'Yellow'. I found out I was cast again, this time with a cast of 4, and as the character "Jesse". I got an email detailing our rehearsal, and show schedule and I was shocked at the amount of time we had to rehearse: 12 hours. I'm used to about a 4 week rehearsal process, so this was definitely terrifying for me. It meant I had to go in with all pistons firing, and ready to work. Which, I felt, everyone came into the room with. At the Q&A session at UCSD, I had mentioned how heavily we had to rely on each other to do the work, and I stand by that. My fellow cast members have been phenomenal, and I'm thrilled to have them in this with me. Touring has been a great experience. I love how the show adapts to each new space, and I love hearing how this show affects people. Many people, I've found, haven't really heard about the Indian boarding schools, and I'm grateful that I get to be a vessel for them to learn this part of our history.

By Alyssa Anderson

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